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    Benefits of Adult Day Care

    When to Consider Adult Day Care

    Safety:When you realize that your loved one cannot be safely left alone or may experience anxiety by being left alone.


    Withdrawn: Your loved one becomes more secluded and limit their interaction with others. Isolation or loneliness continues be associated with the risk of developing Dementia. Solitude has been tied to a quick cognitive decline in many healthy seniors.

    Cognitive Decline: Look for the following signs: hallucinations, wandering, depression, anxiety, having trouble with daily tasks.

    Caregiver Stress:Approximately 68% of adult day care clients live at home with an adult child or spouse. Caregivers often feel trapped and suffer from depression, cardiovascular disease, and early death. They begin to neglect their own health. There is often a significant decline in a caregiver's health as the care recipient's health declines.


    Socialization – Isolation can lead to depression. Key to Adult Day Care facilities are socialization, interaction with peers, staff, and the many volunteers. They provide companionship outside of their caregivers. The benefit for the caregivers is that their loved one no longer relies on them alone for social interaction.

    Exercise – Adult Day Care facilities include exercise in their daily programs. Physical fitness is key for seniors not only physically but also mentally. Balance helps prevent falling. As we age our bones become more fragile; falling can easily break your bones. Mentally, exercise may relieve some of the symptoms of cognitive impairment such as depression and anxiety for many suffering from Dementia. It may even lower the risk of getting Dementia for people who are already suffering from cognitive issues.

    Safety - Adult Day Care facilities are secure and the clients are supervised by staff. Leaving them at home could lead to wandering or injuries while no one is at home.