Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Adult Day Care Right for My Loved One?

Is your Loved One at home all day without physical or mental stimulation? Are you mentally or physically drained from taking care of your Loved One? Was your Loved One recently discharged from a Subacute facility or Rehab center? Ask the Social Worker or Discharge Planner if an adult day care should be a part of your discharge plan.

Getting Them Here?

Initially the hardest part about adult day care is convincing your loved one to attend for the first time. The term "adult day care" is difficult for an accomplished person to hear. Hence, the name Legacy Care Club. The three most convincing ways of enticing them to attend: encourage them to attend as a volunteer; review the activity schedule and select a day full of activities they may like; or ask for help from a third party such as a doctor or social worker. Check out this article for more tips on how to convince your parent to attend adult day care.

Cost of Attending?

Weekly (10% discount first 3 months)

Half Day $70

Full Day $125

4 days per wk $450 (10% discount)

5 days per wk $530 (15% discount)

Saturdays $125


The cost of Adult Day Care is significantly cheaper than many other options.

Cost Analysis

  • Avg Annual Cost Adult Day Care (5 days per week/8 hr per day) $25,000

  • Avg Annual Cost Home Health Aide (5 days per week/8 hr per day) $50,000

  • Avg Annual Cost Assisted Living $75,000

Is Your Club Solely dedicated to Seniors with Dementia?

While we are trained to work with individuals in the early stages of Dementia, our club is ideal for individuals who need physical activity and social interaction in a secure environment.

Do you Provide Transportation?

We offer transportation services within a 5 mile radius for an additional cost of $20 per day. In addition, we will assist in scheduling Paratransit and Access A Ride.

Do you Accept Medicaid?

Since we are a social adult day care and do not administer medication, we are not Medicaid eligible. However, we do accept Long Term Care Insurance. Several grants are available to supplement the cost of attendance. New Jersey has a statewide respite care program and other funding programs.

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